an icon representing a particular entity or person in the intangible world

A trade mark represents a trader's unique brand identity and reputation in the marketplace.


Like an Aspirin to a hangover


 We get it - the world of IP law can be a serious headache.  

It's complicated, high stakes in the risk department, and worst still, it can quickly get pricey.  All-in-all, a triple whammy of pain for bright sparks and wave makers that just want to get on with running their businesses.

That’s where we come in. 

We know the lingo, the laws, the best practice and the tried-and-tested strategies. We know that you haven't got time to get bogged down in pages of legal jargon; you just want a clear steer on best next steps, with unambiguous costs, wherever you are in your IP journey. 


Minty fresh


We're old enough to know the game, but young enough to challenge the rules. 

We're a sassy, modern young firm with fresh ideas. We’ve ditched the ‘big law, old law’ dusty old traditions, tossed them in the e-recycle bin, and hit permanently-delete-all. No more soul-selling billable hour targets, uptight formal correspondence, or doing things the way "they’ve always been done". 

We’re free to talk to you like modern-day human beings, offer flexible charging that works for your budget, and to get off the fence with our advice. Oh and we hate waiting too, so you'll always get speedy comms. 



Tech savvy


 We’ve invested in state-of-the-art, fully integrated IP case management systems. Probably sounds #yawn if you’re not an IP lawyer, but this kind of tech makes us seriously efficient.  

Instead of wasting hours faffing with tedious admin, we get to spend all of our time delivering measurable legal results for our clients.  That's the bit we're good at, and that's the only bit our clients get billed for.

We operate a fully paperless, cloud-based office. So not only are no trees harmed in the provision of these legal services, but our clients also avoid shelling out for a whole bunch of fancy corporate overheads. We reckon that’s a win-win.